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The Supraconscience of Humanity

By Edward H. Strauch
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : University Press of America
  • Isbn : 0761851615
  • Pages : 280
  • Category : Philosophy
  • Reads : 794
  • File Pdf: the-supraconscience-of-humanity.pdf

Book Summary:

Humankind evolved through three psychological stages - subconscience, conscience and supraconscience. Ritual and myth, cosmology and theism marked phases of psychic integration, initiating our supraconscience evolution. Secular and humanistic developments reveal themselves to be the primary powers accelerating human evolution. Together, they have nurtured humankind's ever-evolving supraconscience.

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A Life for the Spirit

By Henry Barnes
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : SteinerBooks
  • Isbn : 9780880103954
  • Pages : 307
  • Category : Religion
  • Reads : 104
  • File Pdf: a-life-for-the-spirit.pdf

Book Summary:

"Whether or not Steiner's insights are valid is for each of us to determine. His work is not easy, and he challenges our usual thinking every step of the way. The insights are radical, in the original meaning of that word: they go to the roots. We are forced more and more to realize that only through such thinking can actions arise that are truly healing and constructive." --Henry Barnes (from the introduction) Few people today recognize Rudolf Steiner's name, yet those who are aware of him know that his presence pervades every forward-looking aspect of contemporary life. Nearly all fields of life have been fructified by his insights--not abstractly or theoretically, but in a concrete way that changes lives. No wonder, then, that Steiner has been called "the best kept secret of the twentieth century." Born in 1861 in Kraljvec, Austria, Steiner showed evidence early on of the most varied gifts--a precise and probing scientific mind combined with a natural clairvoyant ability to see into the spiritual world, a determined need to think things through for himself, and a profound reverence for the divine. He first made his mark as a philosopher and the editor of Goethe's scientific writings. He also recognized the revolutionary spirit in Nietzsche. But Steiner's destiny led him in a different direction. Profound cognitive experiences determined that his task would lie in service to the spirit. While recognizing the integrity of modern science's phenomenological empiricism, he also knew that the time had come to extend the field of science to include investigation of the supersensible. Working at first within the Theosophical Society, but always speaking and writing out of his own experience, Steiner developed the foundations for a thoroughly modern spiritual-scientific discipline that would transform spiritual and cultural life. Until his death in 1925, in countless lectures and books, Steiner created the body of knowledge and practice known as "anthroposophy," which not only challenged and extended the underlying methods of modern knowledge, but stimulated many practical cultural initiatives such as: Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture, the art of eurythmy, the movement for a threefold social order, and anthroposophical medicine. Henry Barnes--the author of Into the Heart's Land: A Century of Rudolf Steiner's Work in North America--recounts the dynamic life of this remarkable man. He does so by placing Steiner in the crosscurrents of history and showing him not as a spectator or ivory-tower philosopher, but as a leading actor in the drama, one whose entire being was given in service to humanity and to the spirit. Contents: Foreword by Robert McDermott Introduction: In Search of a New Thinking The Twentieth Century: Battleground for Human Individuality Child of Middle Europe: Biographical Foundations The Weimar Years: Nietzsche, Steiner, and the Redemption of Thinking The Years of Inner Testing: Berlin The Work Unfolds The Building Rises Insight Becomes Life: The Three fold Movement for Social Reform The First Waldorf School and the Independence of Education The Healing Arts Religious Renewal Out of Fire Renewal from Within: The Christmas Foundation Months of Grace Afterword: The Battle Continues--What Can I Do?

The Teachings of the Magi

By R. C. Zaehner
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : 1000484327
  • Pages : 154
  • Category : Religion
  • Reads : 239
  • File Pdf: the-teachings-of-the-magi.pdf

Book Summary:

Originally published in 1956, this book provides a clear, scholarly, introduction to the main tenets of Zoroastrian dualism presented largely in the words of the Zoroastrian texts themselves. The book demonstrates the essential reasonableness of Zoroastrian dualism, which is the dualism of a good and an evil spirit, and to show what the means in everyday life and how it is philosophically justified. There are chapters on cosmology, the relation of man to God, the nature of religion, ethics, sacraments and sacrifice, the soul’s fate at death and eschatology.

Beliefs, Rituals, and Symbols of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Fertile Crescent

By Cavendish Square Publishing LLC,Dean Miller
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Cavendish Square Publishing, LLC
  • Isbn : 162712571X
  • Pages : 144
  • Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Reads : 713
  • File Pdf: beliefs-rituals-and-symbols-of-ancient-egypt-mesopotamia-and-the-fertile-crescent.pdf

Book Summary:

This comprehensive atlas explores the varied ritual practices and religious beliefs in the ancient cultural region thought to be the cradle of civilization. The captivating history of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the area known as the Fertile Crescent, unfolds through a pictorial and illustrated journey. Through a robust glossary, sidebars, and thematic introductions the social studies content of this fascinating subject becomes easily digestible, for even the most reluctant reader, while the further reading section inspires future research.

Book of Lies

By Richard Metzger
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Red Wheel Weiser
  • Isbn : 1934708348
  • Pages : 352
  • Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Reads : 972
  • File Pdf: book-of-lies.pdf

Book Summary:

First published in 2003, Book of Lies was hailed as a 21st century grimoire and instantly became a cult classic. Now reformatted for the next generation of magicians and all counterculture devotees, it gathers an unprecedented cabal of occultists, esoteric scholars,and forward thinkers, all curated by Disinformation’s former "wicked warlock" Richard Metzger. This compendium of the occult includes entries on topics as diverse and dangerous as Aleister Crowley, secret societies, psychedelics, and magick in theory and practice. The result is an alchemical formula that may well rip a hole in the fabric of your reality: Mark Pesce, author of The Playful World, compares computer programming and spellcasting. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, father of Industrial Music and Rave culture explains how samples in a rave song can have magical consequences. William Burroughs and the occult. Nevill Drury, Australia's most noted occult writer, tells of Dion Fortune, Austin Spare, and Rosaleen Norton. Donald Tyson's "The Enochian Apocalypse Working" ask if the seeds of the end of the world sown in the Elizabethan era. A biographical essay on Marjorie Cameron, the fascinating character from Los Angeles' occult and beatnik scene. Hitler and the occult--Peter Levenda interview by Tracy Twyman. Robert Temple on how his book The Sirius Mystery's, controversial thesis (for which he was ridiculed) was proven by the Hubble telescope twenty-five years late. An exclusive Anton LaVey interview by Michael Moynihan, author of best-selling book Lords of Chaos. Erik Davis, author of Techgnosis, looks at H. P. Lovecraft's Magick Realism Robert Anton Wilson on Timothy Leary and Aleister Crowley Comics genius Grant Morrison offers Magic for the people. It’s all here and more!

The Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies

By Manly P. Hall
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Jovian Press
  • Isbn : 1537817205
  • Pages : 66
  • Category : Philosophy
  • Reads : 865
  • File Pdf: the-ancient-mysteries-and-secret-societies.pdf

Book Summary:

WHEN confronted with a problem involving the use of the reasoning faculties, individuals of strong intellect keep their poise, and seek to reach a solution by obtaining facts bearing upon the question. Those of immature mentality, on the other hand, when similarly confronted, are overwhelmed. While the former may be qualified to solve the riddle of their own destiny, the latter must be led like a flock of sheep and taught in simple language. They depend almost entirely upon the ministrations of the shepherd. The Apostle Paul said that these little ones must be fed with milk, but that meat is the food of strong men...

The Secret Teachings of All Ages

By Manly P. Hall
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Isbn : 1625581815
  • Pages : 774
  • Category : Social Science
  • Reads : 465
  • File Pdf: the-secret-teachings-of-all-ages.pdf

Book Summary:

Within the pages of Manly Palmer Hall's celebrated 20th century tome, readers delight in discussions about ancient symbolism, rituals, and mythology. Often hailed as an encyclopedia for all things hidden, ancient, and arcane, The Secret Teachings of All Ages explores a vast array of topics, from secret societies and the Zodiac to Mystic Christianity and William Shakespeare's identity. Despite some of the outdated and controversial ideas it poses now in the 21st century, The Secret Teachings of All Ages continues to fascinate students of the cryptic and mysterious.

The Theatre of the Occult Revival

By E. Lingan
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Isbn : 113744861X
  • Pages : 247
  • Category : Religion
  • Reads : 339
  • File Pdf: the-theatre-of-the-occult-revival.pdf

Book Summary:

This book explores the religious foundations, political and social significance, and aesthetic aspects of the theatre created by the leaders of the Occult Revival. Lingan shows how theatre contributed to the fragmentation of Western religious culture and how contemporary theatre plays a part in the development of alternative, occult religions.

Heal Yourself - Heal the World

By Donna Kenny,Scott Brandley
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher :
  • Isbn : 1456606107
  • Pages : 111
  • Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Reads : 215
  • File Pdf: heal-yourself-heal-the-world.pdf

Book Summary:

Our created universe is ever evolving and is presently passing through a critical evolutionary stage. We are in the midst of a universal healing and transformation process which will catalyze a shift into a new evolutionary paradigm. This new paradigm will manifest a glorious reality that has never before been experienced on any level of Creation. The highest of Heaven will be brought to Earth and humanity will experience a transformative rebirth in consciousness. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the purpose and goals of the universal healing and transformation process from the perspective of the Divine Plan of Creation. It also offers support and guidance for your personal healing and transformation process so that you can embrace your true divine destiny in the wondrous new reality.

The Persian Empire: A Historical Encyclopedia [2 volumes]

By Mehrdad Kia
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : ABC-CLIO
  • Isbn : 1610693914
  • Pages : 722
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 300
  • File Pdf: the-persian-empire.pdf

Book Summary:

This well-balanced reference on ancient Persia demonstrates the region's contributions to the growth and development of human civilization from the 7th century BCE through the fall of the Persian Sasanian Empire in 651CE. • Provides coverage of major events in ancient Persian history from the formation of the Median empire in the 7th century BCE to 65 CE • Includes photographs of various historical and archeological sites dating back to various periods of ancient Persian history

The Moral Powers

By P. M. S. Hacker
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Isbn : 1119657806
  • Pages : 464
  • Category : Philosophy
  • Reads : 360
  • File Pdf: the-moral-powers.pdf

Book Summary:

A milestone in the study of value in human life and thought, written by one of the world’s preeminent living philosophers The Moral Powers: A Study of Human Nature is a philosophical investigation of the moral potentialities and sensibilities of human beings, of the meaning of human life, and of the place of death in life. It is an essay in philosophical anthropology: the study of the conceptual framework in terms of which we think about, speak about, and investigate homo sapiens as a social and cultural animal. This volume examines the diversity of values in human life and the place of moral value within the varieties of values. Its subject is the nature of good and evil and our propensity to virtue and vice. Acting as the culmination of five decades of reflection on the philosophy of mind, epistemology, ethics, and human nature, this volume: Concludes Hacker’s acclaimed Human Nature tetralogy: Human Nature: The Categorial Framework, The Intellectual Powers: A Study of Human Nature, and The Passions: A Study of Human Nature Discusses traditional ideas about ethical value and addresses misconceptions held by philosophers, psychologists, and cognitive neuroscientists The Moral Powers: A Study of Human Nature is required reading philosophers of mind, ethicists, psychologists, cognitive neuroscientists, and any general reader wanting to understand the nature of value and the place of ethics in human lives.

The Genesis of Genesis

By Shlomo Giora Shoham
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
  • Isbn : 1443827622
  • Pages : 325
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 381
  • File Pdf: the-genesis-of-genesis.pdf

Book Summary:

The Genesis of Genesis is about the mytho-empiricism of creation—cosmogony. In its attempt to compare the mythologies of the ancient Eastern Mediterranean cultures—Egyptian, Greek, Judaic and Mesopotamian—the Judaic cosmogony of genesis, which is unique in its reliance on the word as creative agent, is contrasted with the Egyptian, Greek and Mesopotamian mythologies, which are more deterministic.