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My Highland Lover

By Maeve Greyson
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Loveswept
  • Isbn : 0553395092
  • Pages : 338
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 800
  • File Pdf: my-highland-lover.pdf

Book Summary:

Maeve Greyson unleashes a thrilling tale of magic and desire as a feisty Southern gal falls into the arms of a rough-hewn Highland chieftain. As the proprietor of a homeopathic store in rural Kentucky, Trulie Sinclair knows that her neighbors think she’s strange—but they have no idea how strange she really is. Trulie was born in Scotland in the thirteenth century to a line of time-traveling Highlanders. When Trulie’s grandmother convinces her to return to their homeland, Trulie jumps back in time, right onto the powerful chest of Gray MacKenna. Just as his steely good looks send ripples through her body, their fierce attraction will send ripples through the ages. After his parents are murdered, Gray is consumed by thoughts of revenge. As the new chieftain of the MacKenna clan, he has reason to believe that there’s a traitor in his midst, and nothing—not even the bonny lass who suddenly drops from the sky—can distract him from his single-minded pursuit of the culprit. But when Gray learns that this sassy beauty possesses gifts beyond the sparkle in her eye, he allows his gaze, and his heart, to linger. While he hunts for the murderer, Gray finds in Trulie a precious companion—and a timeless love. Praise for My Highland Lover “Maeve Greyson surprises and enchants. The imaginative storytelling is hard to resist in this time-traveling tale of love, betrayal, and sacrifice.”—Victoria Roberts, bestselling author of My Highland Spy “Allow Maeve Grayson to take you on a magic carpet ride from present-day Kentucky to the Highlands of the thirteenth century. My Highland Lover is a sensual story of desire, danger, and devilment woven with the strongest thread of all: love.”—Vonnie Davis, author of the Highlander’s Beloved series “From the wow opening to the ahh ending, My Highland Lover is a winner, a brilliant blend of historical and contemporary romance. Maeve Greyson writes with humor, heart and heat. She’s an author to keep an eye out for!”—Kelly Moran, award-winning author of Return to Me “This was a fun, emotional and intriguing story that held my rapt attention. Can’t go wrong with this book!”—Kilts and Words Don’t miss any of Maeve Greyson’s enticing Scottish romances: The Highland Protector Series: SADIE’S HIGHLANDER | JOANNA’S HIGHLANDER | KATIE’S HIGHLANDER The Highland Hearts Series: MY HIGHLAND LOVER | MY HIGHLAND BRIDE | MY TEMPTING HIGHLANDER | MY SEDUCTIVE HIGHLANDER Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

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Karen Ranney brings us another emotionally intense and passionate story in the fifth book of the nationally bestselling Highland Lord series, in which Douglas MacRae must overcome a dark betrayal in order to regain a love once lost.

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NEWLY MINTED LAIRD SEEKS WIFE, PREFERABLY HANDY AND RESOURCEFUL Laird Diocail Gordon has just inherited his uncle's run down castle and rag-tag clan. He knows the sorry sight of the castle would send any woman running, but is determined to find a wife to help return his home to its former glory. Widowed lady Jane Stanley is determined to return to England, even if she has to tromp through the Scottish Highlands on foot to get there. Her travels lead her straight into the midst of a troop of dangerous Highland warriors. The mysterious, brawny laird forbids his men to harm her, and the spark between them is immediate. The only way Diocail can keep her safe is to take her home with him, but will the miserable state of his clan douse her newly ignited Highland flame? Highland Weddings Series: Highland Spitfire (Book 1) Highland Vixen (Book 2) Highland Hellion (Book 3) Highland Flame (Book 4) Praise for Highland Spitfire: "The Highlands come alive... An extremely realistic historical that will keep you glued to each page." —Night Owl Reviews Top Pick, 5 stars "Wine delights readers with... the heart of the history, atmosphere and traditions of the Highlands." —RT Book Reviews, 4 stars

Highland Love

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Highland Love While on vacation in Scotland, Samantha met the last Earl of McKellan by stepping on his foot, as she moved back from the sudden appearance of the ghost of McKellan Castle, directly in front of her. The apparition appeared to be looking directly at her. The occassional visit of the current owner of the castle was to again listen to the many stories that were being told during the guided tour. As Sam tromped on his toes he was forced to meet the lovely American woman that had been standing in front of him as the tour guide spoke of the yet to be discovered treasure hidden in this very bedroom by the previous Earl.

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Five boys destined to become Highland lairds are fostered together as brothers. Darach, Lachlan, Callum, Gavin and Kerr fight for their clans, for each other, and for their own true loves. When forced to choose between duty and honor... Darach MacKenzie vowed never again to let a woman near his heart after his betrothed betrayed him. It sparked an intense feud between his clan and the Frasers. With all-out war on the wind, Darach can't be distracted—not even by a sweet and charming lass who desperately needs his help. This Highland Laird will find a way to have both When Darach rescued Caitlin MacInnes from the clutches of vile Laird Fraser, she vowed to never let men or misery rule her life again. With Darach and the MacKenzie clan, Caitlin finally feels safe. But when Laird Fraser shows up to claim what's rightfully his, or go to war, Darach will have to use all his brawn and brains to protect Caitlin—even if it means losing his heart. The Sons of Gregor MacLeod Series: Highland Promise (Book 1) Highland Bride (Book 2) Highland Betrayal (Book 3) Highland Captive (Book 4) Highland Thief (Book 5) What People Are Saying About Highland Promise: "Suffused with witty banter, adventure and passion, Highland Promise is a thrilling debut novel Scottish romance readers will fall in love with!"—ELIZA KNIGHT, USA Today bestselling author of the MacDougall Legacy series "Alyson McLayne heats up the Highlands in the Highland Promise."—AMANDA FORESTER, acclaimed author of My Highland Rebel "Heart warming and tender beyond measure, Highland Promise will brighten your spirit."—MARY WINE, acclaimed author of Highland Hellion

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  • File Pdf: highland-treasure.pdf

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A Buchanan brother finds a love to treasure in this scintillating historical romance from New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands… After escaping from the English soldiers who attacked her home and imprisoned her in a dungeon, Lady Elysande de Valance is grateful for the rugged Scots who are escorting her to safety in the Highlands. Even with danger dogging their every step, she hadn’t expected to welcome the strong comforting embrace of their leader, Rory Buchanan. They say he’s a healer, but she finds the heat of his touch does so much more… Let his brothers get married—Rory is too busy tending to the sick to be bothered with wooing a bride. But when he is tasked with accompanying a family friend’s “treasure” to the Highlands, he is surprised to learn the treasure is a beautiful woman on the run—and even more surprised to discover bruises hidden by her veil. Rory makes it his mission to tend to her injuries and protect her, but the thought of losing her makes him realize that perhaps it is his heart that is most in need of healing…

Love in the Time of a Highland Laird

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  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : My Personal Bubble LLC
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They say accidents happen for a reason... When she was accidently pushed into a wormhole, Allorah ‘Al’ Maines never imagined she’d be thrown back in time, land at the feet of a gorgeous Highlander… and be taken as his prisoner. Al is awestruck by the savage Scot who chained her up in his dungeon. But once she emerges from her cell, she finds herself even more captivated by the roguish Highlander he’s transformed into. An undeniably enticing manifestation of all her secret fantasies. Ones she’s tempted to explore. However, regardless of what the fairytales say, Al knows passion fades and lust dies. Keeping her heart intact and planning for a future on her own is the only way their story can end. If all women in the twenty-first century were as stubborn as Allorah Maines, Keir MacCoinnach wept for the future of man. Nay, he despaired for them. She’s utterly obtuse, difficult, aggravating… and quite possibly the most fascinating woman he’d ever met. Al offers him an intriguing peek into the future. Keeping her by his side is the key to the knowledge of the ages. Keeping her in his bed and in his heart is the key to a life of love and joy. But can Keir convince Al to share that life with him before she walks away forever? Can he prove to her the passion they discover between the sheets can surpass anything she’d ever found between the pages of her favorite novels?

Call of the Highland Moon

By Kendra Leigh Castle
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
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"Castle is a rising star! Call Of The Highland Moon thrills with seductive romance and breathtaking suspense. This is an author to watch!" --Alyssa Day, USA Today bestselling author of Atlantis Awakening A Scottish Highlands werewolf fleeing his destiny ... Gideon MacInnes is a werewolf from the Scottish Highlands. He loves the haunting beauty of his home, but runs away to upstate New York, grappling with his destiny of being his clan's next alpha. As a snowstorm closes in, Gideon is attacked by rogue wolves working for an enemy he never imagined existed. He stumbles, wounded and bleeding, to collapse on the doorstep of Carly Silver's tiny romance bookstore-ironic, as she's never been very good at relationships with men. A warmhearted woman, looking for a new pet ... Thinking he's a dog, she takes him home, treats his injuries and wakes up to find a devastatingly handsome naked man in her bed. Trapped together through the raging storm, Gideon discovers that he's found his mate and Carly has to choose between becoming a werewolf, charged with protecting humankind from the inhabitants of an evil otherworld, or giving up the one man she's ever truly loved ...

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By Alyson McLayne
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"This kind of story is the reason why people are in love with the highlands and the mythical men and women who once roamed the moors."—Kerrigan Byrne, USA Today bestselling author When a Highland laird decides to marry, nothing can stand in his way...not even the bride. No one ever accused Kerr MacAlister of being a nice man. Everyone would agree, however, that when the laird makes a promise, nothing can stop him. Which is why everyone knows Isobel MacKinnon will end up his wife. Isobel spent most of her childhood in love with the tall, dark, and sexy Scot. It wasn't until she was fifteen and failed to entice Kerr into kissing her that things turned sour. Now, Kerr is the one trying to entice her, but Isobel won't be matter how tempting he might be. Then Kerr discovers she may be eloping with someone else, and he has a choice to make—is this Highlander's fate to steal her away himself, to a place where both love and danger lurk, or let her go and face losing her forever? Readers will fall in love with this Scottish Highlander Romance with: Enemies (or friends?) to lovers A bantering band of Scottish brothers A lass who never loses (unless it's her heart) Praise for Alyson McLayne's Highland romances: "The Highlands sizzle in this sublime tale. Wit, humor, and passion make Highland Thief a must-read romance."—Kathryn Le Veque, USA Today bestselling author "Alyson's writing takes my breath away...Kerr and Isobel's story is second chance romance at its best, and the angst is turned all the way up to 100! I started this book and didn't put it down until the ride was over."—Kerrigan Byrne, USA Today bestselling author "Suffused with witty banter, adventure, and passion!"—Eliza Knight, USA Today bestselling author, for Highland Promise

The Highland Lady In Ireland

By Elizabeth Grant
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Canongate Books
  • Isbn : 1847675395
  • Pages : 560
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Reads : 294
  • File Pdf: the-highland-lady-in-ireland.pdf

Book Summary:

Edited and Introduced by Patricia Pelly and Andrew Tod. ‘They have made an Irishwoman of you now, and may they know the value of the daughter they adopted into their country.’ Elizabeth Grant’s sister The early life of Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemurchus, so memorably recorded in her Memoirs of a Highland Lady has had an avid readership since the book’s first publication in 1898. This volume takes up the story after she arrives in Ireland, following her marriage to Colonel Smith of Baltiboys. This journal, begun in 1840, will be recognisable to her many followers by the charm, vigour and intelligence that fill every page. They vividly depict the day to day life of her family, her immense efforts to improve the Baltiboys estate and how she coped with the terrible ravages of famine. Her sharp observations of all classes of society however, from corrupt landowners to the poor and often dissolute farm-workers, make this book a memorable and important chronicle of her times and a unique contribution to the social history of Ireland.

My Highland Rebel

By Amanda Forester
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
  • Isbn : 1492605476
  • Pages : 416
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 941
  • File Pdf: my-highland-rebel.pdf

Book Summary:

Second in a passionate, fast-paced Scottish Highlander romance series from critically acclaimed author Amanda Forester A conquering hero Cormac Maclean would rather read than rampage, but his fearsome warlord father demands that he prove himself in war. Cormac chooses what he thinks is an easy target, only to encounter a fiery Highland lass leading a doomed rebellion and swearing revenge on him. Meets an unconquerable heroine Jyne Cambell is not about to give up her castle without a fight, even though her forces are far outnumbered. She's proud, hot-blooded and hot-tempered, and Cormac falls for her hard. It's going to take all of Cormac's ingenuity to get Jyne to surrender gracefully-both to his sword and to his heart... Highland Trouble Series: The Highlander's Bride (Book 1) My Highland Rebel (Book 2) Praise for The Highlander's Bride: "Another winner from Forester!" -RT Book Reviews 4 1⁄2 Stars, Reviewer Top Pick!

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By Olivia Marques
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Feel like your body is fighting against you in your quest for weight loss results? Have you tried weight loss plan after weight loss plan and nothing seems to work for you? If so, it’s time to stop fighting your body, and work with it instead. In Weight Loss For Women, you will learn what makes the female body different and what you need to do to really get fat loss moving along. Most women who seek fast weight loss make the grave mistake of jumping on the first quick-fix diet they can find that promises fast results. Maybe you saw your friend use the plan and get results or perhaps it’s the ‘hottest’ weight loss plan all the celebrities are using. But is it right for you? The first step to seeing successful weight loss is realizing that healthy weight loss is about more than just counting calories or spending hours on the treadmill. Healthy weight loss is about changing your mindset and way of thinking so that you are making permanent changes that promote a lean and fit body. You need a weight loss plan for women that works with your day to day lifestyle. It’s rare to find a weight loss book that addresses this because most just give you the quick solution and hope it’s enough to bring you temporary results and keep you busy. You don’t want the quick solution though – you want lasting results that you feel good about. That’s what our Weight Loss For Women program is all about. Throughout the course of this weight loss book, you’ll discover: • Simple yet highly effective tips to maximise your metabolic rate so that you burn fat faster all day long • How to set up a very simple meal plan that any busy woman could stick with • How to achieve healthy weight loss by choosing the right food combinations • The main factors that make weight loss for women harder than for men – and what you can do to combat these • How to incorporate your favorite foods into your diet and still see fast weight loss results • How to design an exercise weight loss plan for women that will work at home or in the gym - and still allow enough time to live your life • and much more! Weight Loss For Women is a complete approach that is going to bond together mindset, proper nutrition, and effective exercise to help you achieve lasting weight loss that not only has you looking better than you have before, but also has you feeling healthier. Without health, no amount of weight loss matters, so you need to start focusing away from quick-fix ‘diets’ and start focusing on healthy weight loss approaches. Weight Loss For Women is the only approach you need.