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Starseeker: Baptism By Fire

By Jason Gaston
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
  • Isbn : 1329630750
  • Pages :
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 574
  • File Pdf: starseeker.pdf

Book Summary:

Ten years after the most costly war in human history came to a close, an ancient ship of unimaginable power is discovered drifting between hostile neighbors and race is on to capture it and exploit its incredible secrets that could affect the balance of power in the entire galaxy. To mitigate this crisis, Earth sends its newest and largest starship, the Starseeker, a vessel created to stop wars before they start. Manned by both human and alien officers, her mission is to promote understanding and friendship among galactic neighbors. Commanding this ship is Captain Ken Hiller, a man pulled from retirement and put back in the one place he dreamed of returning to, but soon, Captain Hiller realizes that his simple mission is more complicated than he prepared for as Starserker not only has to fend of enemies from the outside, but also those from within. Not to mention the alien relic itself which seems to have other plans.

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  • Isbn : 1683831810
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Welcome to Atlanton Earth! In this second spellbinding adventure that began with Greyfax Grimwald, friends Bear, Dwarf, and Otter are joined by Faragon Fairingay, the valiant young warrior. Sent to Lower Earth at the request of Lorini, the Lady of Light, the four allies embark on a fateful quest in search for the legendary Arkenchest and its vital Five Secrets. Never before has the trio of friends ventured so far--and risked so much--for so glorious a prize. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

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HELP WANTED: Position open for goal-oriented professional. Must be willing to work in zero gravity. MAY THE WORK-FORCE BE WITH YOU. In this all-new, original anthology, today's top sf talents tackle tomorrow's jobs-in space and beyond. Each story in this intriguing collection begins with a Want Ad-and ends up revealing a space-age working world of headhunters, applicants, bosses, and employees. So punch the timeclock-and get to work... It's not just a job. It's the future.

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Spring has come to Eternity Springs in The First Kiss of Spring, the newest installment in this New York Times bestselling series by Emily March. Life could be a dream... Goal-oriented and gorgeous, Caitlin Timberlake's dreams took her to the top of the corporate ladder in New York City. Now years later, her goals have changed. She wants to come home to Eternity Springs and build a business and a family of her own—with the new man in town. So what if sexy mechanic Josh Tarkington wants nothing more than a fling? Caitlin is a patient woman who knows how to work hard and strategize to win what she desires. She desires Josh. Unfortunately, he has other plans. If only things were different... Josh craves Caitlin and all she has to offer. However, he is a man with secrets. He has worked hard to overcome his tragic past, but he's afraid to risk having a future because he knows trouble is never very far away. When a selfless act brings that trouble to his door, he stands to lose everything he cares about—including Caitlin. Will her love and the healing magic of Eternity Springs be enough to save him?