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The Diary of Pelly D

By L J Adlington
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Hachette Children's
  • Isbn : 1444902954
  • Pages : 208
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
  • Reads : 554
  • File Pdf: the-diary-of-pelly-d.pdf

Book Summary:

Young building worker, Toni V, finds a diary buried in a water can in the rubble of a construction site. He knows he should just hand it in to the Supervisor - that's the rule. But curiosity gets the better of him and he starts reading. At first the diarist, Pelly D, seems like any ordinary girl, writing about clothes, parties, boys. But underneath the light, sassy, often sarcastic narrative, Toni V begins to sense that something very different, sinister, and scary is unfolding. Set far in the future and on a distant planet, Pelly D's diary bears witness, through the eyes of a young girl, to the terrifying consequences of genetic classification.

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Breathtaking sequel to The Oracle, the Archon must face a journey of treachery and adventure across the pitiless desert in a bid to save his people ... The Archon vows to lead a pilgrimage to the Well of Songs to seek peace with the Rain Queen and save the land from the terrible drought. The Well is hidden in the mountains across the desert. But he is not the only one with his sight set on the mountains: Argelin, the tyrannical and power-hungry General, follows behind, an ever-present threat, with his heart set on the riches to be found. With only Oblek, Seth and two tomb-thieves known as the Jackal and the Fox for company, the Archon's journey is treacherous and dangerous. They must face the Great Desolation and the monstrous animals outlined on the desert floor, animals with mythical powers, and they must survive without Mirany, bearer-of-the-god and true friend of the Archon, who has had to remain behind to face a threat much closer to home ...

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It is 10 years after the events in The Diary of Pelly D. A new life in The New Frontier overseas beckons Kat and Tanka, far from the terrible war in the cities, that took their parents. In a beautiful new home, Cherry Heaven, where people are building a young, liberal society, without focus on the genetic categorization and discrimination that led to the war. But all too soon Kat and Tanka find that Cherry Heaven carries haunting marks of the past. They cannot run from them, and must finally and turn and face them. Again, L. J Adlington weaves her narrative expertly from two voices, Kat, teenage, light, modern and knowing, the other a disturbed, fragmented narrative from another girl which peals away the surface of the New Frontier to expose a different and more disturbing truth. Exploring issues of postwar guilt and redemption, tension and reconciliation, framed in a fast-moving mystery, this has the same engrossing readability and accessibility as Pelly D.

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